Twilight 7676



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  • The Twilight is a superbly finished quality woven shaggy with a thick luxurious pile made from 100% Heat set polypropylene for duribilty and easy cleaning.
  • A long and lustrous pile (50mm pile height) is what gives our range of Twilight rugs their irresistibly shaggy texture.
  • A modern rug with a playful character, Twilight rugs are superb choices for the living room or elsewhere in the house, and bring genuine personality.
  • Each rug features a gorgeously thick pile that feels cosy underfoot, and the range of colours is incredible too.
  • Soft, neutral greys are at one end of the spectrum whilst eye-catching blues and reds are at the other.
  • With a Twilight rug at home, life will never be boring.
  • 3900gms/sqm.
  • Manufactured in flanders Belguim.

Available Options:

80x150 £67.90
120x170 £115.35
133x195 £146.65
160x230 £208.15
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